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LEGACY PARK Headlines Bixby Council Meeting-January 28th
Posted on Jan 30th, 2009

Spirit Center Noise Issue :
A group of the Village homeowners have retained the services of an attorney and an acoustic expert. Both made very effective presentations to the council and demonstrated clearly the noise from the events at the Spirit Center violated City of Bixby ordinances. Members of the council agreed that a meeting between Mr. Remy (owner of the Spirit Center), his acoustic expert, and the Village group, including their acoustic expert, should be held soon to try to work out a solution to the problem. Both parties will jointly monitor the sound at the next event, which will be February 4th. This item will be on the agenda at the next council meeting to insure progress is being made.
South Town Development (Tulsa City/Bixby) Drainage:
Representatives of Legacy Park met with the City Attorney and the City Engineer for an explanation of the water retention model developed by the City of Tulsa and approved by the City of Bixby. This model is based upon a hundred year flood plan, which forecasts 8 3/4 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. Under the plan, water from the Target location will feed into the Ridge Pointe-Villas detention pond (the pond at the corner of S. 84th E and Memorial). A new drain from this pond will be installed and the water from it will then go back West via a storm sewer to the Target location and pass under 101st Street at the Manley crossing (the storm pipe under 101st just West of the construction entrance). A greater quantity of water will be held in the Ridge Pointe-Villas detention pond compared the earlier plan and it will be released slower than the earlier plan.
From there it will go South via a 48" storm sewer to the Dickenson detention pond (South of the theatre) and then to the pond beneath the Regal Plaza parking garage. From that pond the water goes South through the West-East drainage ditch crossing under S. 91st E Ave at the bridge and into the North-South drainage ditch on the East side of our addition. According to the engineering model developed by Tulsa, the portion of Legacy Park North of the bridge on 91st will get less water in the North-South drainage ditch than previously. The West-East drainage ditch and the North-South drainage ditch South of the bridge will get less water at the peak but the water will drain at a slower rate since the water North of the Regal Plaza parking garage will be enclosed and controlled by valves. The Engineer said "in time of peak rainfall periods, Legacy is in better shape than we were last spring". An aerial photo showing the plan is posted on our website.