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Bixby Emergency Sirens
Posted on Jul 9th, 2009

Siren location sites are:
Siren #1: 106th St. South and 89th East Avenue, Quail Creek Park, 7/8 mile
Siren #2: 116th St. South and 75th East Avenue, North Heights, 1.25 mile
Siren #3: 118th St. South and 101st East Avenue, The Park at Southwood, 1.25
mile radius.
Siren #4: 132nd and 83rd East Ave. Riverview Baptist Church, 1.25 mile
Siren #5: 5th and A Street, Bixby Post Office, 1.25 mile radius.
Siren #6: 151st and Kingston Court, Cemetery, 1.25 mile radius.
Siren #7: 145th and Sandusky (Yale Place), approx. 1 mile radius.
Siren #8: 165th and Sheridan Avenue, Atkinson Acres, approx. 1 mile radius.
Siren #9: 171st and South Mingo Road, approx. 1 mile radius.
Siren #10: 182nd Street South and 132nd East Avenue, Deer Run, approx. 1
mile radius.
Siren #11: Bixby Water Treatment Plant, approx. 1 mile radius.
Siren #12: 205th and 139th East Avenue, Bixby Ranch Estates, approx. 1 mile
Siren #13: 168th and South Memorial Drive, 1.5 mile radius.
Siren #14: Stadium and Riverview Road, Bixby High School gym, approx. less
than 1 mile radius.
Please note that these are outdoor audible sirens and are not designed to
shake everyone out of bed at night!
Again, sirens will be tested briefly at noon each Saturday. If you are
unable to hear the tests please contact the Bixby Police Department at
In addition, the Bixby Police Department Residential Storm Shelter registry
form is now available to download at the city of Bixby website
www.bixby.com. This is a free and voluntary service of the Bixby Emergency
Management Department and will enable first-responders to locate your safe room or storm shelter in an emergency.  A link to the warning sirens map is included.